Purchase Contract for your new Streaking Sphynx Kitten 

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Please note:


 Kitten must be picked up no later than the first weekend after the kitten turns 14 weeks of age unless alternate arrangements are made. If the Buyer does not pick up the kitten or otherwise does not consummate this transaction by that date, then the kitten will be sold to an alternate on the waiting list. Seller reserves the right to withhold any kitten found to have a health issue until such time as the Sellers Veterinarian declares the kitten to be healthy.

The minimum deposit of $400.00 is required for purchase. This is a non-refundable deposit, which means if the purchaser should decide to not continue with the purchase of the kitty, they forfeit their deposit. Once we are contacted that you are sending your deposit we put the kitten on hold for 24hrs. If the deposit is not received within 24 hrs  we will advertise the kitten as still available.All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE .


 Deposit Payment: Deposits are made via Paypal , an additional 4% will be added to cover paypal fees.

Final Payment for picking up  kitten at our home or personal delivery is Cash only , Kitten must be picked up from our home . 

If after putting a deposit on a cat/kitten the Buyer should later change their mind about the purchase, the deposit will not be refunded. If, however the cat/kitten should die before the Buyer picks up cat/kitten, Seller will replace it withone of equal quality and value. If one is not available, the Buyer has the option of being placed first on a waiting list or full refund will be returned to Buyer.


As the Seller, we have the right to refuse and/or cancel sale at any given time, or reason, as we see fit.


Breeder guarantees the cat/kitten to be in good health and FeLV/FIV free upon departure from Streaking Sphynx Cattery . Kitten must be seen by buyers vet with within  72hrs  .After 72 hours of the health guarantee period, the seller cannot be held accountable for future diagnosis of FeLV/FIV or any other bacterial or viral infectious diseases, giardia, parasites, or fungus, due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding. Buyer accepts all responsibility for protection of cat from said, diseases, illnesses, parasites, and fungi. This guarantee becomes void if cat/kitten comes in contact with another cat before being vet checked and tested first. Sphynx have been known to have adverse reactions to vaccinations for FeLV/FIV. Breeder is not held responsible nor any warranty for cat/kitten against any adverse reactions to these or any future vaccinations. It will be the responsibility of the purchaser to have the kitty examined by a veterinarian within72 hours. Within that 72  hour period, if the kitten is found to be seriously medically deficient, Streaking Sphynx Cattery will take the kitty back with proper documentation from a licensed Veterinarian as to the medical issues  and will over a replacemnet kitten when available of equal cost . No cash refunds will be given . 

Buyer(s) Initials:_____________________________       Sellers Initials_____________________


After the 72 hour period, the seller can no longer guarantee the cat/kitten’s health, except for birth defects.

We Do Offer Tica Pet Papers on our Kittens , Once Sent in for this can take 4-6 weeks and would be mailed once they arrive . 

Seller assumes no liability or responsibility for any veterinary care for this cat/kitten after buyer takes possession of said cat kitten. Under no circumstances will Streaking Sphynx Cattery  be responsible for any veterinary bills incurred by the purchaser. No cash refunds will be Given .


Streaking Sphynx  offers a warranty/protection against Hereditary/Congenital & HCM on the kittens’ first (2) years of life (from kittens DoB). If, your kitten is diagnosed with HCM and passes away within first two years of life  we will not refund you the cost of your cat/kitten but will replace your cat/kitten with one of equal value when one becomes available (provided the Seller is still breeding). This time frame is undetermined; it will be when a kitten is available from the breeder. HCM must be diagnosed with Ultrasound of approved veterinarian with a specialty in cardiology. Though we scan all our adult cats this is sadly something that can occur in any breed of cat.


If the kitten should pass away within 2 years the Seller  request an Autopsy/Necropsy be performed at the expense of the Buyer to determine cause of death was  Hereditary/Congenital.  If Necropsy /Autopsy is not performed  this contract is null & void .


No monetary refunds will be given.   Streaking Sphynx must be contacted in event kitten would have to  euthanized Streaking Sphynx must be contacted before decision is made . In event we are not contacted this contract is null and void . We love our babies and want to know any health concerns for our program as we are striving to make it the healthiest possible.

Buyer(s) Initials:_____________________________       Sellers Initials_____________________

This contract only covers kittens purchased directly from  Streaking Sphynx  Cattery and to the original Buyer. The Seller has the right to have a second opinion by a vet of his/her choice. Transportation and all veterinary costs are the responsibility of the Buyer

Buyer(s) Initials:_____________________________       Sellers Initials_____________________


The Seller will have started all of the appropriate vaccinations and medical examining by time of purchase. Seller is not responsible for vet bills after Buyer receives the kitten/cat. Also, the Seller does not warranty the kitten/cat against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations. As the Buyer, you agree to not have your kitten re-vaccinated for at least 3 weeks after the date of the prior vaccination. 


Failure to keep kitten/cat up to date on vaccines will render this contract null and void.


The Contract will be Null and Void if the kitten/cat should ever receive a Feline Leukemia or an FIP Inoculation


This cat/kitten is not guaranteed against respiratory disease, fleas, ringworms or any nuisance disease.
Under NO circumstances shall this kitty be permitted to live outdoors. It is not uncommon for a kitten/cat to develop an Upper Respiratory Infection, diarrhea, teary eyes or sneezing from vaccinations or stress of leaving and entering a new environment. Stress induced illnesses are NOT covered by the health guarantee.


Seller requires the Buyer to isolate kitten/cat from existing pets for at least 7 days.


Transition to a new home can be quite stressful to your new kitten. You need to make environmental changes gradually.Keep your new kitten in one room until you sense that he/she is feeling secure (Seller requires a week as this also encourages bonding between you and your new kitten. If allowed to roam freely too soon, his/her main interest will be
exploring and not bonding). Exploring a new and big area can be very overwhelming to a new kitten. As you let your kitten 
into new areas of the house, it is necessary to provide extra litter boxes to limit “accidents”. As your new kitten
learns his/her new surroundings, you will be able to remove these extra boxes. Your kitten is accustomed to Cat Attract Cat Litter . Please do not make any sudden switches to a new kitty litter as anything new and unfamiliar may cause your kitten to avoid the litter box. Kittens acclimate to their new surroundings at different paces. While some kitten take a few day to adjust, others may take a few weeks. Seller cannot predict adjustment time, or kitten-owner interaction and bonding, and is therefore not responsible for the kitten bonding or not bonding to the new owner. Lack of bonding or personality issues is beyond the Sellers control .

Kittens will be spayed /neutered before leaving our home . 

Seller does not give any type of guarantee for allergies sphynx are not hypoallergenic and cause allergies. 


The cat/kitten WILL NOT be declawed. De-clawing is an inhumane mutilation. It consists of amputation of the first knuckle. Weekly nail-clippings, gentle discipline along with the availability of a scratching post or mat will eliminate scratching problems. If declawing happens this contract is null and void .


We feed our babies  "Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food " please see care page for exact picture   . We have great success with it and our kittens  love it! Please be careful when taking your new kitty home not to change his/her diet too much causing an upset stomach. We send home a sample of what your kitty is eating to get you through the first few days if needed . We recommend Not changing kittens diet for at least 2 months .

The purchaser agrees that under NO circumstances will the kitty EVER be sold or given to a pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory, or similar facility.

Should the purchaser for any reason including death, not be able to keep the above kitty, Streaking Sphynx Cattery  has the FIRST option to take the kitten /cat  surrender for  Free .  Streaking  Sphynx will take back any kitten/Cat at any age .This request is made to avoid one of our kittens ending up in a home that is not ideal. We feel a lifelong commitment to the kittens we bring into this world.


It is understood that with the Sphynx breed hairlessness will vary from kitty to kitty due to hormones, climate, and genetics. It is important for the purchaser to understand it is impossible to guarantee complete hairlessness for the life of the kitty. It is possible for the said kitty to develope some hair especially after being spayed/neutered or as it grows older. This hair is specific to the tail, feet and ears.


Buyer agrees to give monthly updates on this kitten until 12 months of age .

We love our babies and want to be kept posted on their progress

Seller has the conditional right to reclaim kitten/cat without refund of purchase price for any breach of contract. Breach of this contract will have a penalty fee which is the purchase price of the above kitten/cat.


Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought to Highland County Ohio . The new owner shall be liable for all expenses in the amount of purchase of kitty, shipping expenses, associated veterinary expenses, costs resulting from litigating this contract, and any damages caused to the reputation of Streaking Sphynx Cattery .

This document is a legally binding contract. In signing this document the new owner acknowledges he/she read and fully understands and agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above.


Signatures and dates below indicate full agreement to ALL terms set forth in this contract. There are neither other conditions nor guarantees, verbal or implied. No verbal deviations or additions are valid. No other warranties or guarantees are provided other than those specifically outlined above. The above signed consider this document to be legally binding. Changes or additions to this Contract must be initialed by all parties. If the Buyer breaches any part of the Agreement then the Seller is released from all obligations under this Agreement.


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Angela Foster
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Phone: 740-851-2110
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