Please see Adoption Process to learn how to adopt a Streaking Sphynx , Also please do not send applications when kittens are Not available . We do not want to miss anyone in the process :)


To complete application  click select all and copy and paste to complete , please then visit and send application in message :)

or to my cell phone 740-851-2110

Please list kittens below you are interested in order of interest below

  (Kittens have been assigned letters to keep this easy :) 





 What is your name? Where are you located? What is your cell phone number?


2. Are you able to come pick up the kitten in  Hillsboro Ohio on listed go home date? 


3. Why are you interested in Sphynx/Elf cats? (we do not sell breeding cats)


4. Can you give me your vet\’s phone number OR a reference?


5. Please tell us briefly about members in your household 4 legged and 2 legged .


6. If you rent, could you provide proof that pets are allowed?


7. Are you willing to keep the cat indoors only?


8. What are your views on declawing?


9. Does anyone have known cat allergies that lives in your home? Sphynx are not hypoallergenic 


10. What do you do with your pets when on vacation?


11. Are you willing to update us once you receive your kitten/cat?


12. Cats can live a long time and we never know what the future holds. Do you have someone willing to permanently take in your animal(s) should you become incapacitated or unable to care for them?


13. Are you willing to return your cat back to us if unable to keep it, or your situation changes before considering a shelter?


14. Are there any other pets in the house and if so, how many, what ages and what breeds are they? Are any of the animals fixed?


15. How many hours a day will this kitten be left alone in the home?


16. Are you willing to keep seller updated on kittens progress ?


17. Have you read over our contract and agree and understand it completely?

*** Please be sure you do your research on this breed! We can also answer any questions you have! Sphynx require a TON of attention they do better in homes that have other pets and or children. They are also very high strung and active. This breed is very demanding. Please be sure your lifestyle is a good fit