PURCHASING A Streaking Sphynx

Please wait to send applications until kittens are available . We do not want to loose anyone's application . 

We DO NOT take any deposits on unborn kittens.  If you’re interested in one of our babies please follow us on Facebook . 



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Once Kittens arrive we will update often with pictures and videos.


Deposits will begin at 6-8 once kittens have been seen by our vet and are vaccinated for first time.


When Kittens are Available for deposits we will list on our Facebook & Website as “Available “. Once kittens are listed we ask you complete adoption application send us your  application to our Facebook page in private message . If you do not have Facebook please text application to



PLEASE be as detailed as possible when answering, we want all our babies only going to the Best homes!


Please be sure to list all kittens  Letters you are interested in order of your interest  :)


We will respond in order of which we received applications , Please do not send multiple messages as we answer in the order we receive


. Once we have reviewed and answered all questions we will then send you a deposit invoice through PayPal. The Deposit invoice will have all your individual kitten’s details to be paid within 24 hrs. Once deposits are received your kitten will be Reserved. Once your kitten is reserved we ask you print and mail adoption contract to our home address. We keep kitten parents updated weekly with new photos :)

Visits Before Going Home

Unfortunately, before their first series of vaccines starting at 6-8 weeks old their little immune systems are very sensitive. We can carry viruses in on our clothing, shoes, hands etc putting our babies at risk. For this reason, we do not allow visitors before kittens have had two vaccines. Kittens are VERY socialized here with us. They are raised with dogs, children, and plenty of other kitties! To keep you well informed on your baby we will update you weekly with pictures or videos. Please any questions do not hesitate to ask my cell phone is 740-851-2110. We proudly give out references from our previous Kitty parents and our Vets!

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